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About R&D

Dogwha Pharmaceutical Research Institute, which was established in 1973, has developed many new products, including Gas Whal Myung Su, Fucidin Ointment, and PanCold, and laid the foundations for research and development with the construction of a new independent research building in Anyang Plant in 1985. In May 2010, the institute was completed, and moved into a new state-of-the-art research center in Yongin, Gyeonggi-do, taking its research capabilities to a higher level for the future, and renewing its commitment to develop new products and innovative drugs.
Dogwha Pharmaceutical Research Institute Dogwha Pharmaceutical Research Institute
Donghwa Pharmaceutical Research Institute has established a development strategy to actively cope with rapidly changing domestic and overseas pharmaceutical markets. That is, the institute plans to appropriately allocate the research proportion of the development of new drugs and products to achieve stable growth in the near and short-term future, and to gradually expand the development of new formulations and drugs for competitiveness in the long term. Based on the experience and technology accumulated so far, the institute has been focusing on areas that can maximize its core competencies, and has been maximizing its research productivity through joint industry-academia research and outsourcing in areas where it is weak.

The representative cases include the successful development of a new drug, Milican Injection, which is the world's first radiopharmaceutical for the treatment of liver cancer, the technological transfer of a candidate for osteoporosis treatment (DW1350), and the acquisition of the NET certificate for Zabolante (Zabofloxacin), a quinolone antibacterial agent by the Ministry of Health and Welfare. Following the success, the company was recognized for the following : 'World-Class Korean Product', 'Top 10 Technologies in Korea', 'Dasan Technology Award', 'Korea New Drug Award', 'Industry-Academia Cooperation Award', 'Dongam Pharmaceutical Award' and 'Bronze Tower, Order of Industrial Service Merit', and made a significant contribution toward the development of new drugs in the domestic pharmaceutical industry.
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