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News of R&D

A new quinolone antibiotic

1. Name of product

Zrumgil (zabofloxacin)

2. Potential advantages

1) More active than any other Quinolones (in vitro, in vivo)

2) Highly active against respiratory tract pathogen (G(+) - S.pneumoniae, S.aureus, S.pyogenes and M.catarrhalis)

3) Good safety profile (in mouse, rat and dog)

4) No phototoxicity

3. Characteristics

New fluoroquinolone antimicrobial agents(Zabofloxacin, DW224) has broad antibacterial activities. It has also excellent activities against RTI pathogen. In preclinical and clinical studies, it has established a good safety profile.

4. Progress

Final stage of phase III clinical trial

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