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R&D Pipeline

Type Project Development Stage Characteristic / Advantage
New Drug Ulcerative Colitis
Phase 2a Contributing to an anti-inflammatory effect and the stabilization of intestinal microorganisms
Expect the possibility of remission and the effect of maintenance
Allergic Asthma/Rhinitis
Phase 1 An oral medication with both bronchial inflammation inhibiting and dilating effects
Having superior efficacy in anti-leukotriene and possible steroid combination therapy
IMD Zabolante Non-clinical / Phase 3 Verifying the expansion of pneumonia indication and development possibility of injectable drugs with its excellent antibacterial ability against respiratory infectious and resistant bacteria
Phase 1 A block bust drug complex frequently prescribed in combination to cardiovascular disease patients
Phase 1 A complex to alleviate moderate to severe Alzheimer's disease
Anti-Inflammatory Analgesic drug
Phase 1 Increasing patient convenience by acting on the NSAID-related upper gastrointestinal side effects
Functional Food Cognitive Function Improvement
Clinical trial Developing new lactobacillus (C29, etc.) material to improve cognitive function
Verifying clinical efficacy and safety with aging-friendly functional food
Body Fat Improvement
Clinical trial Developing new lactobacillus (OK67, etc.) materials for body fat improvement
Verifying non-clinical body fat reduction effect and safety
Atopy Improvement
Candidate Safely and effectively improving skin immune function with the raw materials listed in the Korean Food Standards Codex
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