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CEO Message

'We only make good medicine. Do not make any if they are not good. DONGWHA is owned by all of its members, so each and everyone should work diligently to create a company where all the members live happily together.' - The 5th President, Mr. Yoon, Chang Sik -

Happy Corporation DongWha - Established as the first Korean pharmaceutical company in 1897, DONGWHA has always remained committed to bringing happiness to customers and employees with its management focusing on happiness of people. DONGWHA will build a genuinely happy company by working for this happiness for another 100 years with its change and innovation-oriented management.

Human & Happiness

Chairman/CEO Yoon Doh Joon

DONGWHA is the company that "serves customers by making good medicines and is managed with the rewards generated by benefits of good medicines." Under its corporate philosophy that places the foremost priority on health and safety of its customers, it continues to work toward happiness of customers.

Based on respect for the shared value that "we work diligently in our youth and live fruitful lives in old age." it serves every customer faithfully by fostering ownership and faith among its members.


You will continue to see DONGWHA work tirelessly to bring health and happiness for people. Thank you.

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