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Brief History

  • 현재~2008
  • 2007~1997
  • 1996~1977
  • 1976~1962
  • 1961~1897
Dong Wha Pharm establishes the Entrepreneurship Fund for the cultivation of startup ecology
Dong Wha Pharm launched a new TV-CF campaign for Pancold
Dong Wha Pharm releases a sore throat treatment, Mogaften
Dong Wha Pharm "Whal Myung" participates in the 2019 F/W New York Fashion Week as an official skincare partner
Dong Wha Pharm donates the sales proceeds of the Whal Myung Su’s 121st anniversary edition
Ki Hwan Park appointed as Dong Wha Pharm’s 16th president
Dong Wha Pharm "Whal Myung Su" wins the People’s Choice Advertising Award
Dong Wha Pharm "Whal Myung Su" wins the Ad of the Year Award
The 4th Yoon Doh Joon Award for Research cites the late Professor Lim Sewon of the Department of Psychiatry at Kangbuk Samsung Hospital
Dong Wha Pharm launches a new TV-CF campaign for Bu Chae Pyo Fucidin "Fu~ (hoo) with Mother's Care"
Dong Wha Pharm wins the Minister of Food and Drug Safety Award at the 2019 Future Happiness Awards
Dong Wha Phar-Sempio releases "Pear-Luffa Cheongdamwon," a health drink
Dong Wha Pharm acquires ISO 37001, an anti-corruption management system certification
Dong Wha Pharm "Whal Myung Su" launches the follow-up TV-CF of the "Good Digestion Today" campaign
Dong Wha Pharm EACH reveals its new TV-CF, "Time to Start EACH"
Dong Wha Pharm Skincare renaissance product, "Whal Myung," is exclusively available in Sephora
Dong Wha Pharm names Professor Nam Gitaek of Severance Biomedical Science Institute, Yonsei University College of Medicine, as the grand prize winner of the Dong Wha Academic Award
Dong Wha Pharm opens the "Whal Myung" flagship store in Samcheong-dong
Dong Wha Pharm recruits Kim Daehyun, assigning him the director of its OTC Development/Marketing business
Dong Wha Pharm launches "Donghee's Curious" healthy living campaign
Dong Wha Pharm donates the proceeds of the sales of the Whal Myung Su 120th anniversary edition
Yoo Gwangyeol appointed as Dong Wha Pharm's 15th president
Dong Wha Pharm obtains "AA", the industry's top CP rating, from Korea Fair Trade Commission in 2017
Dong Wha Pharm's WHALMYUNG Skin Elixir reported as sold out at overseas K-beauty pop-up stores
Dong Wha Pharm's quinolone antibacterial agent, "Zabolante," wins at the 19th Korea New Drug Award (KNDA)
The 2018 GHASONG Art Award competition
Bu Chae Pyo GHASONG Foundation – KAMS named Han Mancheong as the winner of the KAMS Honor in Medicine Award, and Yoo Soyoung as the winner of the Yoon Gwang-yeol Award for Medicine
Gas Whal Myung Su-Q maintains its No. 1 "Golden Brand" status for 14 consecutive years
Dong Wha Pharm and Pfizer Korea extend their major CNS products contract
Bu Chae Pyo GHASONG Foundation presents the 7th Yoon Gwang-yeol Dedicated Dental Service Award to "Taegu Dental Association"
First-ever collaboration project between the pharmaceutical and fashion industries launched
Dong Wha Pharm holds a declaration ceremony to enhance the "2018 Fair Trade Compliance Program (CP)"
Dong Wha Pharm GPARK releases energy drink in collaboration with Bexel
Dong Wha Pharm participating in the "2018 Jeong Dong Culture Night"
Dong Wha Pharm releases "Whal Myung" basic skincare line
Dong Wha Pharm's 3D animation, "Donghee's Curious" and Whal Myung Su "REBORN," became the No. 1 ad in the pharmaceutical industry at the YouTube Korea Popular Ads Video
Dong Wha Pharm opens the "1897 Pharmacy" and "Rescue Emergency Center" experience booths at KidZania
Dong Wha Pharm's cosmetic product, "Whal Myung," was well received at the China Beauty Expo 2018
Bu Chae Pyo GHASONG Foundation and Dong Wha Pharm hold the 6th Summer Saeng-saek Exhibition
Bu Chae Pyo GHASONG Foundation and Dong Wha Pharm hold the "2018 GHASONG Art Award" ceremony
Bu Chae Pyo Whal Myung Su launches the TV-CF campaign that takes care of people’s hearts
Dong Wha Pharm’s global skincare brand, "Whal Myung," now available at Lotte Duty Free
Dong Wha Pharm releases two types of Pancold-I, a cold medicine for children
Dong Wha Pharm's Bu Chae Pyo Fucidin reaches KRW20 billion in annual sales
Dong Wha Pharm signs a licensing and supply contract with 12 MENA countries for Zabolante, a quinolone antibacterial compound and the 23rd new drug developed in Korea
Dong Wha Pharm signs a contract for the exclusive sale of Genzyme Korea's Seprafilm®, an FDA-approved, anti-adhesion agent
Dong Wha Pharm signs a contract with Ajou University's Industry-Academia Collaboration Foundation for the "patient-friendly, oral disintegrating tab medicine technology transfer"
Gas Whal Myung Su-Q is ranked first at K-BPI for 13 consecutive years
Dong Wha Pharm signs a license and supply (sale) contract in China for Korea's 23rd new quinolone antibacterial compound, Zabolante
Bu Chae Pyo Fucidin wins the Gold Award for "Ad of the Year" from the Korea Advertising Society
Bu Chae Pyo Fucidin wins the Minister of Health and Welfare Award in the "Safe & Healthy Children Happy Awards" event
Dong Wha Pharm – Kangstem Biotech establishes joint venture DNK Corporation Ltd.
Dong Wha Pharm signs an export contract for the energy drink GPARK to Cambodia
Dong Wha Pharm's toothpaste-type gum treatment "EACH" chosen as "2017 Brand of the Year"
Dong Wha Pharm and GSK Consumer Healthcare sign a general-medicine sale and supply agreement (OTC field)
Dong Wha Pharm's moisturizer exclusive for clinics and hospitals chosen as [2017 Consumer Power Hit Award] winner in the Moisturizer category
"Dong Wha Lecture Series," the cradle of Dong Wha Pharm's knowledge management, exceeds 100-time delivery
Dong Wha Pham and MSD Korea sign a license agreement contract for the antidepressant Remeron Tab & SolTAb
Dong Wha Pharm and Kangstem Biotech's joint venture (DNK Corporation) releases its first cosmetic product, BENESTEM Human CBCM Cream
Dong Wha Pharm Bu Chae Pyo Fucidin launches a healing TV-CF campaign that embraces even the wounded heart
Yoon Doh Joon, the president of Dong Wha Pharm, is named recipient of the 53rd Dong Am Pharmaceutical Award
Dong Wha Pharm wins the 2017 Employee Ownership Minister of Employment and Labor Award
Dong Wha Pharm's company magazine 1897 Times wins the 2017 Korea Business Communication Award's New York Festival Award
Dong Wha Pharm successfully completes Dermatology Symposium
Dong Wha Pharm launches the "Indigestion-free and Healthy Travel" campaign with Korail Seoul Office
Dong Wha Pharm's toothpaste-type gum treatment EACH maintaining its fast growth
Bu Chae Pyo Fucidin wins the Seoul Creative Festival's main award
Dong Wha Pharm appoints Sohn Ji-hoon as its new CEO
Dong Wha Pharm and Kangstem Biotech sign an MOU for stem cell culture commercialization
Gas Whal Myung Su-Q maintains its top ranking in K-BPI for 12 consecutive years
Dong Wha Pharm releases a new, pocket-type Fucidin ointment
Dong Wha Pharm signs an export contract with Mongolia for Mi In Whal Myung Su
Dong Wha Pharm signs an agreement with the Korea Drug Development Fund for a natural asthma treatment candidate
Dong Wha Pharm releases "Floradin," a new antihistamine in liquid form
Bu Chae Pyo GHASONG Foundation and Dong Wha Pharm hold the 5th "Summer Saeng-saek Exhibition"
Dong Wha Pharm's cold preparation, Pancold-S, obtains US FDA and DEA export approvals
The Bu Chae Pyo GHASONG Foundation and Dong Wha Pharm hold the 2016 GHASONG Art Award ceremony
Dong Wha Pharm and UNIST sign an R&D cooperation MOU to treat Alzheimer's disease
Dong Wha Pharm releases Kkoma Whal Myung Su, a digestive syrup for children
Annual Sales of Gum Treatment "EACH" Tops KRW1 Billion
Quinolone Antibacterial Agent Zabolante Certified as a NET
Whal Myung Su Q (sparkling) Named "No.1 Brand Power"for 11 Consecutive Years
Dong Wha Obtains Approval for Zabolante from MFDS
Dong Wha–Ajou University Medical Center sign an MOU for Joint Research and Business Cooperation
Mi In Whal Myung Su for women released
Dong Wha Launches 'Clzapine' for Treatment of Refractory Schizophrenia
Whal Myung Su-UNICEF Co-host 2nd 'Life-Saving Water' Campaign
Won Golden Brand (Selected No.1 Brand in K-BPI for Tenth Consecutive Year, Whal Myung Su Q (sparkling))
Launched Clinic and Hospital Cosmetic Brand 'LEDA'
Won Customer Satisfaction Category Top Winner of Health Industry Awards(Each)
Formed Partnership with Kyung Hee University for Technology Transfer and Business-Academia Collaboration
Hosted 4th 'Summer Saeng-saek Jeon'
Hosted Award Ceremony for 2014 GHASONG Art Award
Dong Wha and Boryung Co-hosted 'Fimasartan Family Symposium'
Corporated Newsletter '1897 Times' Wins KCMA Chairman's Award at 2014 Korea Communication Awards
Launched Dental Care Brand 'Good Habit'
Fucidin Named 'Best Brand for Young Children' for Second Consecutive Year
Whal Myung Su-UNICEF Co-host 'Life-Saving Water' Campaign
Dong Wha Forms Strategic Partnership with Laboratorios Cinfa
Dong Wha Pharmaceuticals Named Winner in Best Brand Category for Oh Song Innovative Medicine Award Third 'Summer Saeng-Saek' Exhibition Takes Place
'2013 Gha Song Art Award' Takes Place
Dong Wha Launches Antihypertensive Drug 'LaCor Tablet'
Dong Wha Launches Scalp and Hair Care Brand 'Never Say Good' Shampoo and Tonic
Dong Wha Forms Partnership with Dongguk University for Natural Substance Allergic Rhinitis Drug
1897 Times Named Best New Corporate Newsletter at Korea Communication Award 2013
Dong Wha Wins U.S. Patent for Herbal Treatment for Diabetic Nephropathy
Fucidin Named 'Best Brand for Young Children'
Dong Wha Launches Dye-free Caffeine-free Liquid type Analgesic 'Trisfen'
Je Hwa Park Inaugurated as Vice Chairman of Dong Wha Pharmaceuticals
Dong Wha Launches New-concept Plaster 'MiniOn Plaster'
First Gha Song Art Award Ceremony takes place
Dong Wha-Bu Chae Pyo Gha Song Foundation Co-host '2nd Summer Saeng-saek' Exhibition
Dong Wha named Innovative Pharmaceutical Company
Dong Wha Wins Second Consecutive Oh Song Innovative Medicine Award
Dong Wha Pharm forms strategic partnership with Henkel Home Care Korea
Moisturizer Brand Danke Launches INTRINSIC
Dong Wha-Boryung Pharm Tie Up for Co-development and Co-marketing of Diuretic Combination Drug 'Kanarb'
Launched preservative free Whal Myung Su Q (sparkling)
Formed exclusive contract with Novartis (entire OTC line)
Signed an agreement for Biz-love Farm-love ( with Jeoge village, Chungju, Chungcheongbuk-do)
Launched 'EACH paste'
DW1029M (treatment for nephritis) obtains a patent in Canada
Declaration of the 'Vision 120'
Chairman Doh-Joon Yoon gave a lecture to CEOs of long-lived companies at a lecture hosted by Business School, Seoul National University (topic: Exploring DNA of long-lived companies)
Received achievement reward at Osong Awards for Innovative Medicines (Hanguk KeungJe TV - Korea Food & Drug Administration)
Received award from the Ministry of Strategy and Finance
Completion of the research institute (Yongin, Gyeonggi-do)
Gha Song Kwang-Yull Yoon, honorary chairman, passed away (Aug 26, 2010, at the age of 87)
Chairman Doh-Joon Yoon gave a lecture at an international conference held to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Information Management School, Graduate School of Korea Hankuk University of Foreign Studies (topic: History moves hearts)
Won EU Good Manufacturing Process (GMP) with Pantoprazole
Won the Technology Export Prize at the KNDA
Received 'Seoktop Industry Decoration' at the 36th Commerce & Industry Day
Won 'Great Invention Prize' at the 44th Invention Day Ceremony
Completion of Chungju cGMP plant
Company was renamed as Dong Wha Pharm Co., Ltd.
Chairman Yoon Doh Joon delivered the keynote speech at the international conference for an entrepreneurial spirit (Subject: Long-lived enterprise and entrepreneurial spirit)
Won gold medal (Fucidin) and excellence award (Whal Myung Su (sparkling)) at annual Korea Advertising Awards
Won silver medal, the Red Cross
Published 'Secrete of Whal Myung Su's Centennial Growth'
Dr. Doh-Joon Yoon named as new chairman
Won Grand Prize of Korea's First Brand (Whal Myung Su Q (sparkling), Fucidin, PANCOLD)
Chang-Soo Cho inaugurated as 12th President
Dong Wha and Teijin Pharma signed an agreement for novel osteoporosis treatment DW1350
Gha Song Foundation was established (Chairman, Kwang-Yull Yoon and his wife Kim Sun Nyeo made personal donations)
Completion of new company building, Gwangju branch
Revealed a renewed CI
Won business ethics award from Yonsei Business School
Won HITEK Presidential Awards second consecutive year
Won the Bronze Medal and selected as one of Top 10 Technologies in Korea

First Gha Song Art Award Ceremony

Dilivering 'CEO special lecture' in Business school in Seoul National University

Proclamation of 'Vision 120'

Speech at the international conference of Hankuk University of Foreign Studies

Send off ceremony of Gha Song Yoon, Gwang Yull, the honorarychairman

Completion ceremony of the research institute

Delivering keynote address at the international conference of entrepreneurship

Grand prize of business ethics from Yonsei business school Completion ceremony of the cGMP plant

Inauguration of Cho, Chang Soo, the 12th president Establishment of Gha Song Foundation

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