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Anti-bribery policy

Anti-bribery Policy Declaration

  1. The Company shall prohibit any conduct of bribery or illegal acts in the performance of business.

  2. The personnel shall comply with applicable domestic and international anti-bribery laws, international conventions, anti-bribery management systems requirements, and internal regulations.

  3. The Company shall establish/operate an anti-bribery management system and continuously improve with the anti-bribery compliance function in order to prevent and reduce the risk of bribery.

  4. The Company shall establish and comply with anti-bribery policy and management system to minimize the risk of bribery, thereby contribute to accomplish of the Company’s vision.

  5. The anti-bribery compliance function, assigned with the independent responsibility and authority related to the anti-bribery management, shall establish/operate the anti-bribery management system and provide advice and guidance for resolving issues related to the Company's anti-bribery management system.

  6. The personnel shall immediately notify the Company of any violation of the anti-bribery policy or any acts of bribery, and the Company shall keep confidential of informant’s identity and protect from any retaliatory actions or other unfavorable treatment.

  7. The Company shall take disciplinary action pursuant to the Company’s regulations, in case when reasonable measures are not taken in violating or findings of violating anti-bribery regulations and laws.

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