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Monument Celebrates Legacy of 'Seoul Liaison Office'

The site of Seoul Liaison Office for the Interim Government of Korea

The head office building of Dong Wha Pharmaceuticals (14, Seosomunro 9-gil, Jung-gu, Seoul) was in fact the site of "Seoul Liaison Office", a secret administration organization and a part of the interim government of Korea that connected organizations in Korea and overseas for the national independence under the Japanese colonial rule.

"Seoul Liaison Office" played a key role in informing Korean people of the interim government and its activities against the Japanese colonial regime, while providing information on local conditions and funds for armament to the interim government. President Min Kang of Dong Wha Pharmaceuticals (then Dong Wha Pharmacy) was in charge of administration of "Seoul Liaison Office" in those days. He was responsible for communication with local and overseas organizations and intelligence activities.

In celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Independence Day in 1995, "Seoul Liaison Office" was designated as a historic site, and a decision was made to set up a monument. The monument was unveiled in the following year where achievements and significance of the office were inscribed in detail.

Dong Wha Pharmaceuticals is a true national enterprise, with three of its presidents devoted themselves to independence movement: President Min Kang who was the head of "Seoul Liaison Office", fifth President Yoon Chang-sik (took part in activities of Joseon Businessmen’s Encouragement Union, Sin-ganhoi and Borinhoi) and Honorary Chairman Yoon Kwang-yull (commander of the 5th company in Juho region of the Liberation Army) all devoted themselves to the cause fighting for independence of their nation.

The 'Seoul Liaison Office' Monument (Established by the Seoul government on August 16, 1995)

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